Mar. 25, 2022

its been awhile

Sorry its been a while since I posted! Things have been busy...

I posted Pcs of our new Moonpie and Frances, but I didn't talk about their birth. Minime kidded little Ms. Frances Feb 20th. Back story Minime was born here and Maggie Mae is her mom. I have been here with Minime every day of her life. So she kidded a big single doeling that I named Frances. just a few hrs after kidding I knew something was not right with Minime. She was really struggling to breath. So I gave huge doses of antibiotics to try and keep the pneumonia at bay. Nothing seemed to work. I milked her so little Frances could get colostrum. The weather has been crazy and that was the cause for the pneumonia. This HOT COLD WET DRY crazy crap... I called the vet but he couldn't see her till the next day...

So I went in the pen with Minime and Frances and was giving Frances a bottle and Minime came up to me and put her head on my shoulder and it was like she knew she was not going to make it. It was like she was telling me to take care of her baby. By the next morning she had just about faded away. So I sat the with her till she was gone.

A few hrs after Minime kidded Frances I noticed that Thelma was in labor... As soon as I checked her I knew we had a PROBLEM! The sack was out and had already busted so I knew I had to get the kid/kids out. Went in the house, scrubbed up grabbed the lube and went to work on getting the kids out. The baby was not presenting properly go figure! 1 front foot right the head turned back and the other foot back as well. So pushed kid back in found second foot and got it right then had to find the head... I felt a mouth so found the top of the head and every time Thelma pushed I pulled. By the time I got the head out I was really crying .. I was really beginning to think I was not going to get the kid out. Once the head was out and the kid came out all the way I really was UGLY crying !!! OMG all the spots !!!once I whipped my face I went back in looking for another kids but there wasn't anymore Just one HUGE spotted BOY !!!

A few hrs. after Thelma kidded she also started with the pneumonia... the vet couldn't get there till the next day so dosed with the antibiotics that I have and prayed... this was the worst day I have had in several years... Both Minime and Thelma kidded within hrs of each other and both passed within hrs. of each other...

I cried and cried but I had their kids to take care of and make sure they would be healthy...

George and Martha are growing like weeds. I now have them eating calf starter and hay like champs. As of today they are only getting 1/2 a bottle once a day ! I will do that till I run out of milk replacer!

Oh Lord Big RED !

Last time I moved him it took 6 day and a cattle prod to get him in the trailer. Well it came to the point where he needed to make babies or make sausage! He wasn't making babies so he now gets to make sausage.

I backed the trailer up to the gate and opened the gate and the door on the trailer. I had a friend come over to help get Big RED loaded up. We chased him around for probably 30 minutes. That wasn't gonna work. So I said we just need to wait till he decided to get in on his own! We fast forward to the morning of day 3! I put the feed in the trailer and continued on feeding and doing a farm tour I went to the next pen to feed the Boy goats and looked over and Big RED was in the trailer ! I dropped everything and ran like my life depended on it out the goat pen around to the pig pen around the trailer and shimmied my fat ass between the trailer and the fence post and SLAMMED the door to the trailer. I half expected Big RED to bust through the door before I could get it latched but he just stood there eating. He didn't pay any attention to me at all !

A few hrs later I dropped him off and he was processed! I went and picked up meat like 2 hrs. later

NOW before someone gets their panties in a wad over me processing an animal. Lets just get things straight I give all of my animals the best life I can possibly give them then they have one really bad day and don't even know it !

Now for the kicker I have always thought Big RED was between 800 and 1000 pounds. Well I was wrong. Live weight he was only 574 pounds. I guess because he was sooooo Long we thought he was heavier then he really was.

I will go next week or so and pick up sausage ! We will have Smoked Mild sausage and Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar sausage !!!

So I hope to post again soon. It hard finding free time to just sit and type up all that goes on around here