Jan. 20, 2022


Sorry I have not updated in a while!

Things have been CRAZY to say the least.

Ragna blessed us with 5 beautiful puppies 3 boys and 2 girls! one of the girls stopped nursing on day 2 so thought i was gonna have to tube feed her but finially got her nursing again. Now they are all FAT and Healthy. the Red Boy is the one we are keeping and the purple girl is sold!

Camping has been INSANE BUSY !!!

At long last with lots of help I got the Farm Store open!!! Lots of new products in the store. Even making pre-cooked meals for campers to purchase.

Yesterday I made another BIG pot of Beef Veggie Soup. It comes in 1 quart containers for $15

Today I am making Chicken Sausage Okra Gumbo it will also come in 1 quart containers for $25

We have lots of new Breads to choose from.

I started milking on Jan 11th so we have Cheese again!!! it is very limited right now but I do have some

Rosemary/Garlic Chevre

Smokey Truffle Chevre

Plain Chevre

Red Bell Pepper/Garlic Ricotta

Goat Milk Ricotta

Thats about it for now! I will try and get new pics of the store so everyone can see !!!

Thanks and yall have a Blessed Day !